Training with Kay

Training in New Barn, Kent area.

Kay’s training philosophy and inspirationKay is training her horse Present at Prix st. Georges level

Come and let your horse stay for training which can include you as well if wanted! Or you can just bring yourself and horse anytime for lessons. I am very passionate about having a relationship with a horse or pony in order to reach the ultimate training goal whatever that may be. I can sort of somehow fit into any size, 12.2 hh minimum.

The essence of schooling is progressive training. The horse needs to be given time and the correct training approaches in order to find its balance. Employing such methods to strenghten the horse’s muscles so the movement can be done with ease and not force. With patience and using these approaches we can train horses to develop their top line and abdominal muscles enabling them to stretch forward to the bit.

All of our four legged friends have so many different personalities, body size and shapes, not to mention the emotional issues(the same as us). So we need to understand, feel and read their individual body language and emotions so that our riding becomes harmonious with our horse and develops into a partnership.


Training  is not a question of “I can’t get my horse’s head down” or “my horse will not go over a jump” or “he keeps knocking down fences” or “dislikes ditches” or “they hate read walls” but rather a positive issue of finding the cause of the problem and right training approaches to solve that problem.

Let me help you find the right approach to training for you and your horse and work towards that harmonious partnership. I am a registered B.H.S.I.I. and have extensive experience both training and managing horses. I have trained my own horses to Prix st Georges level and ridden to British Eventing Advanced level. I do not mind which level you are riding at, leisure or competition. Everyone can enjoy and improve and gain better understanding. Give me a call on 01474 706021 or email me on