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Testimonials by previous customers

Read just a small selection of the many testimonials we received by our satisfied customers.

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Dear Kay,

Thank you so much for all your help and support. You have taught me a lot and most importantly – gave me confidence.

I promise to keep up good work once mum duties will let me.

Will keep in touch!

All the best,



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Dear Kay,

Thank you so much for having us over the last year. We have loved our time at New Bar. Your staff, Kim and Rachel in particular are amazing. The best we’ve seen in fine years of having ponies!

We can never thank you enough for the care you gave Wizard, curing his sore foot etc. I do hope you’ll come to visit in the summer.

Lots of love,

Cheryl, Joe, Nellie, Wizard xx





Dear Kay, Cliff, Kim, Rachel, Chloe and Yas,

Thank you so much for the two wonderful years Clive an I have had at New Barn Stables, for all your hard work and support keeping Clive relaxed and happy and for all the support you gave me through mu ups and downs.

We’ve made life long friends in you and the fabulous liveries here and it’s been very emotional for me moving on.

Clive and I will miss all of you, the horses and the dogs.

Keep in touch!

Lots of love,

Nicky, Neil and Clivey xx

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I’ve had the best 5 months with Alaska staying at your yard – your home. Thanks for poulticing, trotting up, and for going out of your way for the pair of us. I would have loved lessons with you, and to have visited Jeskins. But Alaska will have had the bar set high rom the amazing hour I had on Frankie!! Your yard would be my only choice if I owned another pony (never say never!).

Keep in touch,

Jo xx


You and Kay are brilliant. Patient is more the word – when I’ve been down almost up to closing time or after! Thanks for having me and Alaska. It was so peaceful at New Barn, and I like your music on!
I’m very sorry Alaska has destroyed her stable door, biting it. Please let me know if it needs fixing, and I’d like to pay for that!

Best, Jo

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Dear Kim, Rachel (x2), Taylor (and anyone I miss!)

Alaska’s been in the best hands for the last 5 months, thanks to you all. She’s loved the fields, hated Syd and Paddington – and hopefully behaved for you when I’ve been at work!\\If I could cure her lameness/navicular – I’d stay here for many more years. What a lovely yard team. Thank you again for all you’ve done. I’ll see you again soon – Just know I’m grateful.

Jo xx


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Excellent yard…. very professional staff and amenities…. horses treated like royalty would still be there if we hadn’t got our own place now to have our boys with us.

New Barn Stables testimonials for the staff and owners

Dearest Kay & gang,

“Thank – you

Thank – you

Thank – you sooo much for the care you gave to our precious Silver during his stay with you. We couldn’t have asked for more. We will miss you.”


Lesley, Fran, Ray xx Silver xx




Staff testimonials for New Barn Stables in Longfield, Kent


Dear Ann, Rachel and Coral

“Thank you for your strength and compassion yesterday, you kept it all together when I couldn’t. “True Professionals”.

Love Lita






New Barn Stables receives a great review for their level of services Dear Lovely Ladies,

“Thanks so much for looking after my precious boys so well. You are all amazing and brilliant!”

Lots of love,

Lulu, Mr Trigger

McCann & Gav xxx





Review for New Barn Stables in Kent 1

To everyone at New Barn Stables.

“Thank you for looking after Blue so well particularly in all this cold weather. The level of care has been outstanding.

Thank you”





Review for New Barn Stables in Kent


To Kay,

“Just a short note to thank you for all you have done to help with Astra over the last years. Always there to help and offer a word of encouragement. I will miss everyone and have enjoyed my time with you all at New Barn Stables.” Love,

Michele & Astra